Bulgarian Creative Writing Competition

And the 2023 national qualifiers are…

Congratulations to all participants in the 13th edition of the Bulgarian Creative Writing Competition! It is always a pleasure to be part of your creative thought process. For a third year in a row, Pakistani students expand the writing realm of the competition with quality and value. Special thanks to our incredible first round judges who dedicated their time to read and grade more than three thousand and seven hundred pieces of writing!

For the past couple of days, 58 judges were busy exploring the fictional worlds created by the participants and dived deep into the magic of the students’ imagination! The judges gasped, cried and laughed while reading about ostrich feathers, tech-savvy grandmas, mysterious messages, life hackers, solitary dances, dangerous metaphors and far away universes.

After a careful and truly challenging grading, the judges selected the 126 national qualifiers, who will advance to the national round of judging on January 20th – 22nd:


Congratulations to all the national qualifiers and good luck!



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