Bulgarian Creative Writing Competition

2013 BCWC winners share their exciting summers at AUBG

Having won the Bulgarian Creative Writing competition, I was awarded one of the special awards – three weeks in the SAT preparatory course at AUBG , Blagoevgrad. I consider those weeks spent there as  the highlights of my summer, because for the relatively short period of three weeks, I felt this place like a home from home and the people there like my dearest friends. I met students from all over the world here and made lasting friendships with girls and boys from countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Spain and many others. Nothing feels as good as AUBG‘s  vibrant social life and the exhilarating college atmosphere all around you.
The SAT course itself and the classes with our teacher were something I was looking forward to attending every day. During them, I obtained test taking strategies, self-timing techniques  and I upgraded my vocabulary with more sophisticated SAT words.I can‘t help but think that this course contained everything I needed in order to take the SAT. The rest – the motivation and the number 2 pencil –was up to me.

I can honestly say that in the lively atmosphere of the AUBG campus  with so many open-minded and outgoing people around me, I caught myself feeling numerous times just like a „Meteor flying through outer space…“.   “

Desi Stoeva at the AUBG SAT course

Desi Stoeva at the AUBG SAT course


“The summer of 2013 was the best summer for me, because I got to go to the AUBG summer camp. It was an amazing experience, because I got to meet people from many different countries. I realize how little I knew about some of those countries and how easy it can be to make new friends. Everyone there was friendly and you could just randomly approach someone and introduce yourself without worrying you’ll be rejected.

I loved all the different activities – from yoga to arts and crafts, how our lessons were brought to us in a fun way anyone could enjoy, how the teachers made us feel like we are equal to them and gave us opportunity to share what we had worked on at the end of every week, but most of all I loved the diversity of people there. The camp was a wonderful experience for me and I would definitely go there again.”

Ivelina Numerova, SOU “Hristo Prodanov”, Karlovo

Ivelina with her new friends from the AUBG summer camp