Bulgarian Creative Writing Competition

9th BCWC National Qualifiers

Congratulations to all participants in the 9th Bulgarian Creative Writing Competition!

On January 12th, 4 judging panels selected the following national qualifiers:

9th BCWC National Qualifiers

Here are some interesting statistics from this year’s competition:

  • Schools participating – 173
  • Number of participants – 4234
  • Schools with highest number of participants – ЕГ „Пловдив“, гр. Пловдив – 84, АЕГ “Гео Милев”, гр. Русе – 74, ПМГ “Яне Сандански”, гр. Гоце Делчев – 65, СУ за ХНИ “Константин Преславски”, гр. Варна – 64, ЕГ “Христо Ботев”, гр. Кърджали – 61
  • School with the highest number of national qualifiers – ЕГ „Пловдив“, гр. Пловдив – 5

Special thanks to our preliminary judging panels who did a great job reading and rating more than four thousand creative pieces of writing!!!