Bulgarian Creative Writing Competition

2014 Regional Results 1

Who are this year’s national qualifiers? Check the list!

2014 Regional Results

Some interesting statistics from this year’s competition:

  • Participants registered – 5500
  • Essay submitted – 4000
  • Schools participating – 180
  • Regions with the highest number of participants – Plovdiv – 502, city of Sofia – 346, Blagoevgrad, Varna and Burgas – 200.
  • Regions with the highest number of national qualifiers – Plovdiv – 24, city of Sofia – 11, and Burgas and Varna – 8.
  • Schools with the highest number of national qualifiers – „Plovdiv” Language School in Plovdiv, 4th Foreign Language School „Frederic Joliot-Curie“ – Varna, „Geo Milev“ Language School – Burgas, and „Yordan Radichkov“ Language School – Vidin.
  • Most popular topics among national qualifiers – You are a tree–tell your life story; Choose any two items (not people) in the room and write a conversation between them; When socks disappear, where do they go?; Imagine that you have a full-length mirror that talks to you. What does it say?; Is the fish mute or does it not speak because it knows everything?; You are an alien invader. Explain why you have chosen to either take over Earth or leave it as it is; One day you wake up and find that you can read people’s minds.

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