Bulgarian Creative Writing Competition

12th BCWC National winners

Congratulations to the winners of the 12th Bulgarian Creative Writing Competition! And a big thank you to everybody involved – participants, teachers, judges!

This year’s stories and poems were full of humor, boldness, and originality. The young authors submerged us into foreign worlds of colorful feelings, situations, characters, and places. Our national judges read and assessed all 126 works, and were transported to sunny and icy places, back in time or in the future, to magical but wise scenarios. The stories told of the good and bad in people, of their generosity and courage, and inspired them with hope for brighter days ahead. And for many of the judges it was an extremely difficult decision to choose the top three works among the best ones. One judge even noted that everyone did an outstanding job and regardless if they won or not, they all deserve a big hug for their efforts. 🙂

12th BCWC National Results

The online Award ceremony will be recorded and posted on the YouTube channel of the Bulgarian National Creative Writing Competition in March. More details to come! 

Stay tuned, we will be sharing the winners’ works on our website soon!

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