Bulgarian Creative Writing Competition

10th BCWC National Qualifiers

Congratulations to all participants in the 10th Bulgarian Creative Writing Competition!

On January 11th, our 45 judges were fully immersed into the lively, multifaceted worlds that our young authors created. These worlds were populated by inanimate objects such as helium- filled balloons and confined winter coats which could speak with distinctly human voices and memorable protagonists whose struggles and comic embarrassments were instantly relatable.

Difficult as it was, the judges selected the following 112 national qualifiers:

10th BCWC National qualifiers

Here are some interesting statistics from this year’s competition:

  • Schools Participating: 147
  • Number of participants: 3304
  • Schools with the largest number of participants: АЕГ „Гео Милев“, Русе – 91; ЧСУ „Св. Георги“, София – 89; ЕГ „Пловдив“, Пловдив – 86; СМГ „Паисий Хилендарски“, София – 64; ЕГ “Акад. Л. Стоянов”, Благоевград – 63
  • Schools with the largest number of qualifiers: АЕГ „Гео Милев“, Русе – 7 ученици; ПЧМГ, София – 6; ЧСУ „Св. Георги“ – 6; СМГ „Паисий Хилендарски“ – 5; Първа езикова гимназия, Варна – 4,

Special thanks to our preliminary judging panels who did a great job reading and rating more than three thousand creative pieces of writing!



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